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Welcome to The-Dragon-Fans!

We accept all types of artwork that features dragons, including OC characters, fanart, western, eastern, wvyern, anthropomorphic and more! To see all of what we accept, check out the gallery for more information! Not seeing what your looking for? Send in a suggestion, and we may add it to the gallery!

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Affiliate Group Contest

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 20, 2014, 5:20 PM

::Group Announcement::

Hello everyone. Check out :icondragontraditionalart:'s contest :aww:

:sun: Hello all members of Dragon Traditional Art!!! It’s awesome to have time to write a long journal again!!! :la: How are you guys doing lately?? :D
:sun: Today we have lots of things to announce, but first of all, let’s present our warmest (I mean “coolest”; it’s burningly hot here ^^;) welcome to newest members of our group!!! :D
:spotlight-left::icono0christina0o::spotlight-right: :spotlight-left::iconb-rizzlexxxx::spotlight-right: :spotlight-left::iconluxon94::spotlight-right:
:sun: After a long delay, finally, our contest, with the theme of
“Dragons are NOT evil!”

starts NOW!!! :#1:
I personally like this theme :D But it sounds like a challenging one, too.
:sun: I know that you guys really want to start the contest now; But, please read the rules of the contest below thoroughly to avoid any mistake and misconception! :D

Contest Rules

:empllama:General Rules:emplllama:
:bulletblue: You must be a member of Dragon Traditional Art to participate in the contest!! If you haven’t become a member of our group, join right away!!! :boogie:
:bulletblue: Contest entry must be a brand new artwork!
:bulletred: No gore, no mature content. Little blood may be accepted, but don’t overwhelm your drawing with violence.
:bulletblue: Your main character(s) must be (a) dragon(s). (of course! :D)
:bulletblue: Our group is named “Dragon Traditional Art”, your artwork submitting to our contest must be a traditional drawing. It can be monochrome (1 color) or colored, painting or sculptures, as long as it’s a completed artwork (background is required).
:bulletyellow: However, simple digital editions like cropping, increasing contrast, or grayscale, etc. are accepted. I’ll tell you if your deviation is accidentally over-edited. As digital editions in traditional drawing is a very complicated issue, feel free to ask us if you need to :D
:bulletblue: If you want to submit a deviation to our contest, please submit it into our “Current event – Dragons are Not Evil” folder.
:bulletblue: One person can only submit 1 deviation to our contest. :#1:
:bulletyellow: The contest deadline is August 16th, 2014! That means you have 84 days to finish your artwork!!! :D
:bulletblue: Once again, please bear in mind that the theme is “Dragons are NOT evil”. Thus, please avoid scenes of dragon killing innocent people or such. Following the theme correctly is one of four aspect in judging, as we will explain above :)
:bulletblue: Okay that’s all for “General rules”, but there are more to read. Please don’t skip any :D
:bulletblue: As usual, before participating in a contest in our group Dragon Traditional Art, you must register first :D
:bulletblue: How to register? Simply comment under our Participant List journal, which can be found here  

Contest Participants List Dragons are Not Evil!!
Firstly, the 3 judges of our contest "Dragons are Not Evil!!" are:
:iconsaraais:, :iconthe-fox-of-wonders: and :iconnuzma:
And here are the list of registered participants in our contest "Dragons are Not Evil!!"
. :iconemisferosinistro:
. :iconroraima99:
<3>. :iconnso32:
. :icondglapizpincelplumin:
. :iconc-nzenwa:
. :icontrucy757:
. :iconsharkmaster16:
. :iconalexiag94:
. :iconluxon94:
. :iconenfantombre:
. :iconspidermilkshake:
. :iconrunyadulin:
. :iconleanrb:
. :icongturtle123:
. :iconjeweleddragon99:
. :iconcassyblue:
. :iconthe-white-dragon-97:
. :iconxhybridus:
. :iconlost-in-the-day:
. :icondragonsinminiature:
. :iconfrostwhisker1:
. :icondracomain:
,saying “I want to join your contest!!”, or something like that :D After seeing your comment, I will confirm your registration and add you to the Participant list :work: (which is the journal you commented on itself), and give you a number called Contest ID, or CID for short. Please check out your CID number after registering, because it’s very important!! :D
:bulletyellow: But please remember, before registering you must be a member of Dragon Traditional Art ;)
:bulletred: Please DON’T ask to join our contest by commenting under THIS journal. This journal is only for asking and answering questions. I’ll ignore comments that ask to participate our contest that is written under this journal!
:bulletblue: When you upload your artwork that you are planning to participate in our contest onto DeviantART, please write the deviation’s name and description following the structure below:
- In the Deviation Name section: <your CID> - {your artwork’s name}
- In the Description section:
This is an entry to the contest on group :icondragontraditionalart:. Theme: Dragons are Not Evil.
{Descriptions about the drawing. We highly appreciate detailed descriptions, and we also want to listen to your drawing’s background story, meaning, etc. So write something unique!!}
{Some words about how you made this drawing}
{Other things, optional}

:bulletblue: Please remember that when judging the deviations, we DO read your descriptions too!! So spend some time on writing a nice description and amaze us!!! :la:
:bulletblue: When you have finished uploading your drawing onto DeviantART, please submit it into our “Current event – Dragons are Not Evil!!” folder!!! :D I’m really looking forward to seeing awesome creations by members of Dragon Traditional Art!!! :happybounce:
:bulletblue: As I’ve mentioned in previous journal entries, I’m no longer an official judge for the contest. Instead, we will have 3 judges: :iconsaraais:, :iconthe-fox-of-wonders: and :iconnuzma:!!! :D They will help us in finding out the winners when the contest is over!!! :la:
:bulletblue: As usual, contest entries will be judged using 4 aspects:
- Vision: Generally, the more your artwork follow our contest theme, the higher score you will get. So, please strongly express  our theme “Dragons are Not Evil!!” in your drawing! (For example, innocent dragons being slain, dragons with peaceful lives, dragons helping people, etc. Scenes like dragons killing innocent people will receive NEGATIVE points from this part XD ).
- Skills/techniques: Scoring based on your skills, of course. Not only coloring skills, lining skills, but also positioning skill, anatomy knowledge, designing skill, detailing skill, creating an appropriate atmosphere for your drawing, etc
- Creativity: There’s nothing much to say about this one. This is probably the most important aspect, not only for this contest but for all drawings, all artwork, all creation. :#1: Of course, we will put higher score on artworks that look more unique, less expectable, and, please remember that the background story and/or other details described in your deviation’s description can help in getting better score in this aspect!!! :w00t:
- Impact: This aspect is scored according to the very first feeling I have in my first glance on your deviation. So please cause an impressive impact, but still following general rules please :D
:bulletblue: Each aspect will be scored out of 10, so 40 points total for each deviation. As soon as our contest is closed for judging, we’ll try our best to judge your works fairly and quickly!! :boogie:
:bulletblue: As usual, our prizes contain 2 main parts: :points: rewards and free art-commissions.
First, I want to present our thank to people who have donated to our group. Every single donation is appreciated :la:
- :points: donators: :icontysharina::iconvirllanda::icontrucy757::iconnightpark::iconzibulon01::iconnso32:
- Art-commission donators: :iconalexiag94::iconlost-in-the-day::iconpenny-dragon: and :iconstrecno:
If you want to donate :points: to our group, please visit my page :iconfalzelo: and donate via the donation box I put right on my page. If you want to donate more art commissions, please comment under this journal

List of Donators
:points: donators: :icontysharina::iconvirllanda::icontrucy757::iconnightpark::iconzibulon01::iconnso32::iconmasterlevan1:
Commission donators:
:iconalexiag94:: Colored drawing with simple background
:iconlost-in-the-day:: Coloured drawing with simple background
:iconpenny-dragon:: Digitally painted, single character on a simple background (example:… )
:iconstrecno:: key chain with single character and no background (example:… )
:iconjeweleddragon99:: a bust/headshot with background
 which is also an updated list of our donators!! :D Once again, thank you very much for your donations! :squee:
:bulletblue: And now, let’s see what the prizes are!!! :winner:
- 1st place: 150 :points:, being featured in the next 5 journals in our group
- 2nd place: 100 :points:, being featured in the next 4 journals in our group
- 3rd place: 50 :points:, being featured in the next 3 journals in our group
In addition, contest winners will also choose one of our art-commission donators and ask them to do their duties as donators! :D Besides, one winner will also have chance to be a judge in the next contest!!! :w00t::w00t::w00t:
And, of course, winning deviations will be added to our “Featured” folder!! :dance:
:bulletblue: I hope that this amount of :points: reward is also not the final number. If we receive more :points donation in the time of our contest, the prizes will be updated to belarger!! :la::la::la: And please note that donating will not affect the result of our contest AT ALL!! That means donators will not receive any bonus points when we judge contest entries!! :D Thus, feel free to be one of our sponsors!! :aww:

:sun: Okay, that’s possibly all of it. It’s very long after all, so I may’ve missed something. If you have any part remaining unclear or you have any question to ask, feel free to comment your question under this journal. I’ll try to answer as soon as possible. :D
:sun: And there's a few words to affiliated group members: If this journal can (hopefully) be read by affiliated group members when it is on their own group. If you are very interested in our contest, please join our group and register to our contest :D Everyone is welcomed to Dragon Traditional Art :wave:
Oh and please note that, since the contest is hold on Dragon Traditional Art, your contest submission must be traditional. ;)
:sun: Finally, good luck to everyone!!! :squee:
:sun: Previous journal entry: dragontraditionalart.deviantar…
List of donators: dragontraditionalart.deviantar…
Contest participants list: dragontraditionalart.deviantar…

By falzelo

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